Dear Bride,

          Congratulations on your engagement! I am delighted that you found me. I take pride in taking before and after photos of my artwork. Get aquatinted of my work and personal style and find what best suits you. 

          Let’s start off with formulating a plan for your hair and makeup trial. To me, "trials" play a vital role to your overall wedding day experience. This is where you and I finally meet after our virtual chats. If you have beauty related questions, I am all ears and ready to offer my professional advice. Trials is where I can make your visions a reality. Trial runs take place first thing in the morning to help get a realistic feel of how well your hair and makeup holds all day. When your wedding day finally arrives, hair and makeup should be the least of your worries. I find that by me bringing beauty to you alleviates half the stress of gathering everyone on a timely manner.  I plan to arrive fifteen minutes before the first service, to find best spot for you and your entourage. I give detailed attention and work as close to the timeline as possible so that every bride can have their perfect overall look. This allows for me to get you and your bridal party picture perfect for the most magical day of your life. See you soon!