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This blog is not just a collection of stories; it is my personal space in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship within the beauty industry. Here, I invite you to delve into the inner workings of my heart and mind

as I navigate the challenges and triumphs that come with being a part of the bridal community. Together, we will celebrate the power of creativity, the strength of perseverance, and the immeasurable satisfaction that comes from turning a vision into a flourishing business. So, whether you are a fellow beauty entrepreneur seeking solidarity, a bride-to-be seeking inspiration, or an individual with an unwavering passion for bridal aesthetics,

I extend a warm welcome to you. 

~Maureen Ella

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Bridal Hair Preparation Guide to your dream hairstyle

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

What do I do to prepare my hair for my wedding ?

Hair prep is more than just a bridal hairstyle; it's a meticulous process that ensures your hair is in the best condition possible. It starts with personalized consultations and preview sessions, allowing you to collaborate with skilled hairstylists who understand your vision and transform it into a reality.

During hair prep, your stylist will assess your hair type, texture, and length, and recommend any necessary treatments or adjustments to achieve the desired result. Whether you dream of an intricate updo, cascading curls, or a sleek and sophisticated style, the foundation is laid during hair prep.

Not only does hair prep involve creating the perfect hairstyle, but it also involves ensuring longevity and resilience throughout the day. By using high-quality products, professional techniques, and securing methods, your hairstylist will ensure that your hair remains intact, even during hours of dancing, embracing loved ones, and capturing countless photographs.

To ensure your hair is at its best, we recommend washing your hair the morning of your wedding or the night before with shampoo only, skipping the conditioner. This allows your hair to be clean and refreshed, ready to be styled to perfection. For added volume, blow-dry your hair upside down along with a root booster. This technique creates natural lift at the roots, giving your hair beautiful body and bounce. During the hair prep process, it's essential to communicate any changes or adjustments you'd like to make. Our expert stylists are here to listen and ensure your hairstyle reflects your unique vision. Additionally, it's important to prepare your hair accessories and veil in advance. Whether you have a delicate hairpiece, a sparkling tiara, or a traditional veil, let our stylists know, and they will incorporate them seamlessly into your bridal hairstyle.

By focusing on these hair prep steps, communicating your preferences, and preparing your accessories, we ensure that your bridal hairstyle is primed and ready for styling. It creates the perfect foundation for intricate updos, romantic curls, or any other bridal hairstyle that captures your vision.


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