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This blog is not just a collection of stories; it is my personal space in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship within the beauty industry. Here, I invite you to delve into the inner workings of my heart and mind

as I navigate the challenges and triumphs that come with being a part of the bridal community. Together, we will celebrate the power of creativity, the strength of perseverance, and the immeasurable satisfaction that comes from turning a vision into a flourishing business. So, whether you are a fellow beauty entrepreneur seeking solidarity, a bride-to-be seeking inspiration, or an individual with an unwavering passion for bridal aesthetics,

I extend a warm welcome to you. 

~Maureen Ella

Bridal Hairstylist + Makeup Artist

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From Salon Chair to My Own Private Salon Suite: A Journey of Bridal Beauty and Entrepreneurship

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Hairstylist Headshots
Photographer | Kelsey Breton Photography

Welcome to my world of bridal beauty, where every bride is an artistic expression of love and ignites my passion. Today, I am beyond excited to share with you the incredible journey that led me to become an entrepreneur, a bridal hair and makeup artist transforming dreams into reality. From being a diligent cosmetologist to an ambitious entrepreneur, my path has been filled with twists, turns, and glittering milestones that have shaped me both professionally and personally.

1: From Employee to Independent Contractor

My journey began with a passion for beauty and a determination to make a difference in the lives of brides on their most special day. As a cosmetologist, I embraced the opportunity to hone my skills and expand my knowledge, learning the intricacies of various hair and makeup techniques. My time as an employee allowed me to witness the transformative power of beauty and its ability to bring joy to countless faces.

Driven by a desire to forge my own path, I took the leap into the world of contracting brides. Embracing this newfound independence, I relished the chance to create bespoke looks that perfectly complemented each bride's unique personality and style. The joy of making brides feel like the best version of themselves on their wedding day fueled my ambition to reach new heights.

Booth Renting - A Step Towards Freedom

With determination coursing through my veins, I ventured into booth renting, further solidifying my position in the beauty industry. This exciting phase allowed me to set my own hours, curate my services, and establish a loyal clientele who entrusted me with their most cherished moments. The journey was filled with invaluable lessons, and I found myself growing not only as an artist but also as a business-savvy individual.

Hairstylist Salon Suite
Photographer | Kelsey Breton Photography

The Birth of My Private Salon Suite

The year 2021 marked a significant turning point in my career. With a heart full of courage and a vision in my mind, I proudly opened my very own private salon suite. This milestone moment represented the culmination of hard work, dedication, and the unwavering support of my clients, friends, and family. My salon suite became the sanctuary where dreams took flight, and brides stepped into their fairy tales.

Connecting with "Friendors" and Elevating My Business

In this awe-inspiring journey, I have been blessed to cross paths with remarkable individuals who share the same passion for weddings and beauty. These incredible "friendors” Vendor + Friends – hairstylists, makeup artists, wedding planners, photographers, florists, and more – have become an integral part of my network, collaborating to create unforgettable experiences for our shared clients. Together, we have woven the threads of magic into countless weddings, crafting stories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Embracing Growth - Multiple Classes and a Vision for the Future

A hunger for growth has been a constant companion on my journey. To sharpen my skills and stay at the forefront of trends, I eagerly immersed myself in multiple classes and workshops. Each experience has been a transformative one, enabling me to offer the latest techniques and styles to my valued clients.

As I gaze into the future I know the universe provides limitless possibilities. I am eager to see where this adventure will take me and excited to continue pushing boundaries, learning, and expanding my artistry. With every bride I have the privilege to work with, I am reminded of the significance of my role in creating moments of pure magic.

As I pen down this chapter of my journey, from a Salon chair to a salon suite, I am filled with gratitude for every twist and turn that has brought me to this moment. The path has been challenging, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. From employee to independent contractor, from booth renting to my own private salon suite, I have grown into an entrepreneur who strives to make each bride feel like the princess of her own fairytale.

To all the beautiful souls I have met along the way, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for joining me on this extraordinary expedition. As I continue to embrace the ever-evolving beauty of bridal artistry, I am excited to share my experiences, insights, and inspiration with all of you.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey!

With love,

Maureen Ella

Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur


Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based solely on my personal experience and expertise as a bridal hair stylist. Every individual's hair type and condition may vary, and the results of any hair styling techniques mentioned here could differ based on these factors. While I have made every effort to offer valuable and accurate advice, readers are encouraged to consult with a professional hair stylist for personalized guidance and recommendations tailored to their specific hair needs. I do not assume responsibility for any outcomes resulting from the implementation of the tips and techniques presented in this blog. Ultimately, the decision to try any of the suggested methods is at the reader's discretion, and I recommend conducting a patch test or seeking a professional consultation before experimenting with new hair care practices.

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