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Bridal Hairstylist Near Me St. Ausgustine Jacksonville Florida


Preview Prep Guide

Wash hair the day of or the night before (shampoo only)


Blowdry hair  upside down  for volume  use a (volumizer


Arrive with makeup (if makeup trial does not apply)


Wear a WHITE blouse or dress with similar neckline to wedding dress


Accessorize with necklace and or earrings similar to the day of accessories.


Adding hair accessories and veil are great addition 


Save 2-3 hair “Inspo” (similar hair color)


Bring a preferred hair product / hair extensions to use

Maureen At The Parlor Bridal Hairstylist and Makeup Artist
Saint Augustine Destination Wedding Bridal Hairstylist and Makeup Artist Near me

Preview Prep Guide


Arrive makeup free


Wash, exfoliate, tone & moisturize face


Style hair similar to wedding day hair (if hair trial does not apply)


Groom eyebrows (trim, wax, thread)


Remove any unwanted facial hair


Wear a WHITE blouse or dress with a similar neckline to wedding dress


Accessorize with a necklace and/ earrings  similar to wedding day


Save 2-3 makeup “Inspo” 


Bring a favorite face, eye, or lip product, if preferred

Jacksonville Bride Hairstylist and makeup Artist Near Me

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